PageWerkz: A New eLearning Platform

PageWerkz: A New eLearning Platform

PageWerkz™ Educational Technology Introduces a New Digital Workbook Platform for Content Publishers

Content Providers Can Now Partner With Werkz Publishing to Transform Publications Into Engaging, Interactive Digital Workbooks for Computers and Tablets

SAN DIEGO, September 8, 2014 – Werkz Publishing Inc. announces the launch of PageWerkz™, a proprietary new educational technology that offers a digital workbook platform for content providers. The San Diego-based company, which is best known for its award-winning ScienceWerkz® science education apps, is seeking to partner with content publishers who wish to transform textbooks, newspapers, magazines, and other informational materials into an interactive and dynamic format for tablets and computers.

“We’re excited to introduce our PageWerkz educational technology platform, which is a revolutionary tool that allows content providers to present their materials on tablets and computers without requiring constant internet access,” said Werkz Publishing CEO Mark Salata, PhD. “PageWerkz leverages our expertise in applying the best teaching and learning practices to digital products. We enable publishers to focus on what they do best – creating high-quality content – while we handle the technical complexities of producing interactive digital workbooks.”

Content providers can use the PageWerkz platform to convert traditional textbooks, eBooks, magazines, newspapers, and other publications into digital academic workbooks with text, images, animation, videos, simulations, and assessment. The digital workbooks created with PageWerkz also include embedded tools, such as writing, drawing, and graphing functionality as well as a whiteboard, calculator, and calendar. Once users download a digital workbook, they then have full access to all of the dynamic content and tools offline.

The digital workbooks function on computers running Windows or Mac operating systems and on iPad or Android tablets; and publishers can allow users to sync their workbooks across multiple devices. “Imagine – a student can use a PageWerkz digital workbook whether on a school iPad in class, her own Android tablet on the bus, or a personal computer at home! We’ve designed PageWerkz to quickly sync a digital workbook, making it independent of the type of device and internet connection available in school and at home,” added Salata.

PageWerkz educational technology may be used to create standalone workbooks with self-assessment tools for students or it can be configured to support two-way communication between students and teachers. As long as users have occasional access to an internet connection or wi-fi, students can submit assignments or quizzes to their teachers, and teachers can provide feedback and grades directly to each student. The education apps also capture all data related to students’ interactions with the content as well as teachers’ grading and feedback, so the information can be used for analytics purposes.

With the PageWerkz digital workbook platform, content publishers can provide teachers and students with a host of added benefits:

• Teachers no longer need to make multiple photocopies of static worksheets.
• After the initial download, users do not require an internet connection to access dynamic digital content.
• Digital education apps offer a more affordable alternative to print materials and eliminate the need for storage of physical workbooks.
• PageWerkz provides digital natives with the engaging interactive experience they expect.
• Publishers can seamlessly integrate their content with digital professional development content, such as videos, in teacher versions of the education apps.
• Users don’t have to worry about the replacement cost of lost workbooks. Even if they lose or upgrade their computer or tablet, they can easily download the same workbook to a new device.

“I believe content providers will find our educational technology brings substantial added value to their existing materials, creating a new revenue stream from content that is literally sitting on the shelf,” noted Salata. “PageWerkz enables publishers to sell their titles through a subscription-based model for a recurring source of revenue every year. At the same time, our PageWerkz enabled education apps can reduce or eliminate the costs associated with inventory and shipping of physical books. And finally, our platform allows for scalable product distribution, without the expense or need for expanded physical distribution channels.”

Content publishers, authors, and subject matter experts can find additional details on PageWerkz and request more information at

About PageWerkz™:
Developed by Werkz Publishing Inc., PageWerkz is a proprietary digital publishing platform that transforms any academic content into a dynamic workbook. This advanced educational technology can accommodate text, images, animation, videos, simulations, and assessment, and supports writing, drawing, and graphing within the app – providing users with an interactive and engaging learning experience that even works offline. PageWerkz is currently available for Windows® and Apple® computers and for iPad® and Android™ tablets. Werkz Publishing can assist any publisher in transitioning their content to the PageWerkz platform; alternately, publishers have the option to license PageWerkz educational technology and create their own interactive education apps.


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