Leading the Digital Learning Revolution

Any medium for learning must have at its core a pedagogical design.  Our staff, whether they are designers or technology specialists, consider what is best for teaching and learning and apply it in our own award-winning products and the products of our clients.  Our in-house pedagogical experts reinforce this thinking and also consult with our clients as partners in developing the best digital learning experiences for their customers, students, or trainees. 

Whether you need the digital tools to author digital learning experiences yourself, have your manuscript developed fully in collaboration with us, or anything in-between, our team is ready to serve you.

Read more about what we offer below and contact us to have a free consultation.

Digital Products for Schools/Home

We strive to bring you the best digital learning content. One such product is called ScienceWerkz. 

The two time EDDIE award-winning ScienceWerkz is available for students age 10 to 16 who wish to learn a variety of science topics including chemistry, general, life, physical, and earth sciences.  Used in classrooms worldwide as well as home to supplement standard curriculum with units of study using the BSCS 5E instructional model (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate). Students engage through questions and critical-thinking in relevant contexts with animations, videos, drag and drop, fill-in-the-blank, and games.  Get your personal copy of the full collection today –> ScienceWerkz Collection  Bulk purchases for students can be requested here –> ScienceWerkz Bulk Request




Publishing Licenses with PW Writer



For teachers who wish to publish their lessons on a mobile platform for their students to access on phones, tablets, and computers.  Create digital books by uploading PDF files, adding questions to them and more, and pressing publish. Create classrooms so that your students receive just what they need in the palm of their hand.  We are offering this as a free beta release to interested schools. Contact us for a school consultation, free training, and school account.  

Educational Companies

Do you have content that needs to be refreshed from old digital formats or all you have are PDFs? Would you like to be able to reach out to your customer directly within an app as opposed to hoping to reach them with an email? Would you like to deliver your content on a secure platform and know more about your customer’s use of it? Then PageWerkz and PW Writer can be your affordable turn-key solution to go mobile as well as deliver your content on laptops and desktops seamlessly. White labeling of the app is also available.  Contact us for a consultation so that we can learn about your needs and put a plan to meet and exceed them.


Having your team all on the same page demands a culture of learning and the right platform delivering engaging learning materials into their hands. You can have your materials quickly published (within minutes) in a digital book format and delivered to your employees on our secure and simple-to-use, mobile platform called PageWerkz. You can send a corporate wide-training module to all your employees or specify modules for particular teams. White labeling of the app is available, also. We provide you a production license, free training, and a dedicated team for technical support.  Contact us today to set up a free consultation.


Custom Publishing – Let Our Team Help You

For those who need an experienced team of technical, design, and/or pedagogy experts to transform a manuscript to dynamic learning materials delivered for the end-user on the go. We consult with you and bring to life what you need for mobile and desktop delivery. Whether it is a simple digital book or full service interactive experience you wish for your employees or customers, we can deliver it for you.  Our PageWerkz platform is secure and app-based, whereas our ClassWerkz platform can push materials to end-users on browsers.  Contact us today and we will reach out to you for a free consultation and identify the scope of work and prepare an overall project proposal.  We will meet with you and your team for additional free consultations until you are ready to move forward with the project.  With nearly 40 artists/designers and 40 technology team members and several pedagogical experts, we can serve the needs of projects large and small with high quality, great speed, and at reasonable rates.  We look forward to hearing from you.