• Follow these 3 steps to get your 5forFREE ScienceWerkz titles.
  • Be sure to claim ALL 5 titles, you can only use the Claim Code once.
  • Your students are welcome to use it also. We are working on creating a simple process for you to push the titles you choose easily to your students.


Get your 5 for FREE now, by using the claim code: PMCS2T


This button will take you to our page to download the proper app for your device.


Log in using the username/password sent to you in the second email.
Click “Authorize”

Note: If you already have a NODMA account, then you will not receive a second email.  Just use your current username/password.


Once you login successfully, you should be in your Reading Room, download the books to your device by tapping the download icon on each, then you can use them WITHOUT an internet connection!

Note: If you do not see this or have difficulty downloading the books, you may need to adjust permissions on your device.  A simple guide page will be added to our website soon.

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