Digital Publishing

We have two types of publishing available for our publishing or training clients: custom publishing and self-publishing.  For custom publishing, our team works with you to bring your content onto one of our digital platforms, PageWerkz or ClassWerkz.  For self-publishing, we provide you a license for our PW Writer that includes an online production tool and admin panel for distribution within our PageWerkz digital platform.  Read below for more details on each type of publishing and read more about the platforms on the Digital Platforms page.

Custom Publishing

With a team of pedagogical experts, artists, and tech staff, we work with you to create the best digital learning product from your manuscript, original hard copy product, PDF, or your imagination.

  • Process
    We will work with you to create a sample from your content, revise it, and go through completing the process with one or two edit rounds for a final product you had only dreamed of.  White-labelling of our digital platforms is available, so that your end-users can engage with your brand.

    We will take care of everything from design, coding, submission to the app stores, and necessary updates when operating systems are updated.  We’ve got you covered.  And remember, it’s a partnership relationship we cultivate with you; therefore, as your product needs to evolve for your end-user – we are there to help you keep it fresh and engaging.

  • Possible functionality is endless, but…
    On any of our platforms there can be an assortment of engaging elements created from drag and drop, flip cards, assessment, matching, adventure animations, videos, closed captioning, narration, drawing tools, highlighting, notation for end-users, social elements, and many more. We work with you to identify only what’s needed to improve engagement and learning, so that functionality doesn’t compromise the user learning experience.

  • Proprietary platforms
    Whether on our PageWerkz or ClassWerkz, we deliver your content on scalable and stable platforms for your long-term mobile needs.  In brief, PageWerkz is a downloadable e-reader app (phones, tablets, and computers) in which your content is delivered as a dynamic book – simple to use, but endless possibilities within the pages.  ClassWerkz is a mobile app that can deliver your dynamic content within it or magically push it to a browser on your other devices.  For more details on these platforms, see the Digital Platforms page of this site.
    We have many custom publishing examples, from the simple to the complex.

What to do when you have PDFs of all your content and you wish to deliver them in a secure, easy-to-use app to your end-users?  What if you want to create your own dynamic digital content and do the same?  Well, now you have PW Writer available – an online production platform in which you can do either. 

You can create PDF ebooks that allow users to write on top of the page with the push of a few buttons. Alternatively, you can create each page from scratch using templates and widgets to bring in your digital assets into one cohesive digital book.

The PW Writer license includes an administrative panel for distributing your digital products out to customers, limit access by time and number, and even form groups (classrooms) with a designated teacher and moderator.