Collaborative Classroom Enhances Digital Teaching Resources on PageWerkz e-Publishing Platform With Mobile App

Werkz Publishing and Collaborative Classroom Release New Functionality to PageWerkz-Powered CCC Access Pro App

SAN DIEGO, January 21, 2020 – Following its launch of The Learning Portal and CCC Access Pro mobile application in July 2019, Center for the Collaborative Classroom recently teamed with partner Werkz Publishing, Inc. to implement CCC Access Pro enhancements. The PageWerkz-powered app now features an improved user interface and a new note-taking function that works across devices, allowing educators to access essential materials and their previously entered notes whether at school or at home.

Collaborative Classroom designed The Learning Portal to help teachers manage program resources and student reproducibles, build and share paperless reports, and stay informed on the latest updates and notifications. As an integral part of that teaching support system, CCC Access Pro hosts digital versions of all printed manuals and their components. PageWerkz makes it possible to use CCC Access Pro in online or offline mode, so educators can seamlessly transition between print, desktop, and mobile environments; and the platform’s search, indexing, and note-taking functions allow simple and speedy navigation of huge volumes of information.

“The PageWerkz platform made it easy for us to transform written materials into digital books that can be quickly distributed to teachers everywhere, helping us to deliver education resources on best-in-class technology,” explained Tim Millen, Chief Technology Officer at Center for the Collaborative Classroom. “PageWerkz integrates flawlessly with our proprietary learning portal, protects our intellectual property, and simplifies device management. And Werkz has gone the extra mile in developing new functionality that meets the evolving needs of our organization and the educators we serve.”

Werkz Publishing develops fast, streamlined, and economical solutions to address the digital publishing requirements of partners worldwide. Whether organizations are making the initial transition from print to interactive or developing a full suite of self-paced e-learning courses, Werkz offers high-quality services for every stage of the digital transformation process. From a self-publishing toolkit that effortlessly converts paper to digital, to a robust and simple learning management system (LMS) for scheduling and distributing content, to a growing repository of tools that improve user engagement, Werkz strives to help clients bring their vision to life.

 “We’re proud to support Collaborative Classroom in their mission to deliver superior curricula materials that create exceptional learning environments,” said Werkz Publishing CEO Dr. Mark Salata. “Werkz is committed to providing customer-driven solutions to every client, no matter where they are in the digital transformation spectrum. Our nimble team of designers, tech specialists, and educators is able to keep pace with the changing demands that are inherent to the fast-paced world of educational technology, and we are dedicated to ensuring our partners have the tools they need to achieve their goals.”

 In addition to working with Collaborative Classroom on its CCC Access Pro app, Werkz Publishing partners with many other education innovators around the globe who rely on the PageWerkz e-publishing platform to deliver their interactive digital content. PageWerkz is also the foundation for ScienceWerkz, the company’s own award-winning line of science education apps.

Organizations seeking self-publishing or custom solutions for print-to-digital transformation projects can learn more about the PageWerkz e-publishing platform by calling 866-276-4556 or emailing


About Collaborative Classroom:

Center for the Collaborative Classroom is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to providing curricula that support the academic, ethical, social, and emotional development of children. The organization’s mission is to provide schools and districts with a path to harness research-supported teaching practices that help students grow as readers, writers, and thinkers as they develop the social and emotional skills necessary to thrive. For more information, visit


About PageWerkz:

Developed by San Diego-based Werkz Publishing, Inc., PageWerkz is a proprietary digital publishing platform that transforms any content into a dynamic book. This unique advanced educational technology can accommodate text, images, animation, videos, simulations, and assessments, and supports writing, drawing, and graphing within the app—providing users with an interactive and engaging learning experience that functions both online and offline. Werkz Publishing can assist any organization in transitioning their content to the PageWerkz platform, enabling them to make anyplace a learning space. #EverywhereALearningSpace

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